Our Accounting & Tax Services


Accounting & Bookkeeping Services

We offer accounting and bookkeeping services externally for CPAs and accounting professionals in USA. Our experienced staff can handle bookkeeping tasks of any volume or intricacy. Based on the experience of various vertical industries and their knowledge of accounting, taxation and law, our bookkeepers act as growth advisors. You can count on us not only to provide bookkeeping services, but also to make decisions in all aspects of financial and accounting services.


Individual Tax Return Preparation

  • Form W2  Income only

    - Schedule A, Schedule B, Schedule C,    Schedule D,             Schedule E, Rental
    - Schedule E K1, Schedule F
    - Form 2441, Form 2106, Form 8880, Sale of Home
    - Form 5628, Form 4797

Tax Reduction Planning

We make sure business owners never over pay in taxes and keep as much of what they earn as possible.


Business Returns

M-1 (up to 5) Form 5471 Form 5472 1065 / 1120 Change in ownership 1065 / 1120S Disposition of Fixed Asset (up to 5) Rental Property (up to 2) Rental Income / K1 (up to 5)

Outsourced CFO Services

We provide a CFO level perspective and guidance to hlep you scale you opeations.


Payroll Services

Boost your business through advanced payroll.
For the expansion of your business and the strength of human resources, payroll is one of the most important parts of all visible accounting items. However, as a non-technical accounting function, it can become complicated to deal with on time.


The balancing act of your company!

Accounting services are essential for every company. In order to reduce risks and speculations, a company's financial statements should be evaluated by an independent expert. With Fincumen Services, you can expect well-defined, timely, and precise audit services for your US-based clients.


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Property Management

A complete independence of the back office

Due to a lack of time and personal presence, many investors and property holders cannot handle managing their property needs as the real estate industry continues to thrive. Here's where we come in! With ease and efficiency, Finacumen Services handles all back-office challenges on behalf of clients.

All Access Membership

You're not just seeing us as compliance accountants, we're helping you save money and scale your business.